Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

For the makeup, I think that I am going to go with the airbrush. I am doing a practice run of both the hair and the makeup before the wedding so I will know what everything looks like. I also heard that you can go to Sephora and get a make over for a $50 giftcard. I am sure there is $50 of stuff I would get a Sephora or I could use it as a gift. I am not going to do that for the wedding but thought about doing it for the engagement photos (which are actually going to be in October because I really want pictures of us in the fall and I am never going to ever get Craig to agree to pictures after the wedding). HA!

Today's theme is centerpieces. I am using the picture of the white pomanders as my inspiration sort of..I like the multiple balls. I am thinking of doing them in different colors though and different sizes (like the group of orange balls). These are all made out of tissue paper!! I love how they look and at about $5-8 a piece it is way cheaper than having them made out of real flowers and it gives me winter project :-) If I see you any time between now and then I might just recruit you to make some with me :-) You cut the tissue paper, and then fan fold it and tie wire around it (see the picture with the green, that is after they are folded and with the wire around it). Then you fluff it up and make it into a flower (see orange flower) and then you use the wire to stick them in the styrofoam ball and it turns out like the picture :-) Perfect. My mom actually used to make these flowers when she was young and they made floats out of them...she should have never told me that, HA! I am going to get the stuff to try a trial run at the beach in a couple weeks. I already ordered the tissue paper so I just need to get the balls and the wire. After we make the sample, I am just going to work on the folding until it gets way closer to the need to have all those pomanders all over the house, I don't even know where I would put them!

Don't worry girls, I don't have the tissue paper with me in Atlanta so I won't have everyone making them this weekend at the beach...though part of me thinks it would be pretty hilarious to see what they would look like with all the liquor Molly purchased today! HA!

I also think that I know what the favors are going to be but I might want to keep it a secret...I can't decide yet.

Other than that, I emailed 3 DJs the other day, one is booked for our date so we have 2 to meet with and I have another one that we could meet with and a couple friends that know people who do it or have been married in Dayton. C has finally agreed to go meet with them so we will do that in a few weeks.

C also decided that he doesn't care about going to taste the caterer's food because "of course whatever they make for a tasting is going to be good, but that doesn't mean the wedding food will be good" HA! There are basically three choices for our location (there are 6 preferred caterers but one is just sandwiches, one is German food, and the other is something too casual too). Of the three left, one is a little fancier in the prep and the other sounds a little more like us so we will see. They are all basically the same price so that doesn't even really help. I guess I will try those out on my own and then we can pick out what we want.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

I can finally see it...I think??

Work has been insane lately and by insane I mean that I work 10hrs a day and don't even realize that I have worked that much because I don't look up the whole time. I am not even sure I went to the bathroom today. I know there are lots of people who work more than 10hrs at a time but it just feels like this is so intense and it is the first time in a long time that I can't actually get everything done by the deadline...and that includes delegating out every single piece that I am allowed (sometimes it HAS to be me that does the work). Because of all the drama lately, they have me in Atlanta to help for the next few weeks. On the one hand, it is nice that they know I will figure out the problem but on the other hand, it sucks that I will be out of town for 6 weeks straight. Eating out that much certainly doesn't do anything for the waistline :-) I got to Atlanta on Monday and actually don't have a flight home but I think that I will book it for next Friday (was hoping to come home on Wed but it doesn't look like that is happening). That will be 12 days might be the longest that Craig and I have been apart :-( I thought that it would drag on but I have already completed two days and it seems like I just got here. I think that the saddest part is that we had a bad storm at home yesterday and lost power so all the food I bought C to eat while I was gone is probably bad now :-( It was out for 12hrs.

I have squeezed in a tiny bit of wedding planning, didn't get to post last week because it was Friday before I realized that I didn't post but I will save all that for tomorrow.

This weekend is a beach trip with some of my ATL ladies and I am pretty excited about it. I have to confess that part of me was sort of sad because it meant being away from home for so long but now I know that going to the beach with the girls will be way better than going home and trying to rush around and get stuff done in the 2 days I am home. I will relax so much more at the beach and plus, I haven't seen some of these girls in months (or years!!). I can't wait!! I think that work the way it is lately, I can appreciate a week of doing nothing (not normally my style at all, I get so antsy). Now to figure out if one of the bathing suits I packed when I came to Atl is actually appropriate to wear in public...yikes!