Tuesday, June 10, 2008

101 Goals in 1001 days.....my list

Ok guys, here is my list! I put specific timelines on a lot of them but I hope that it will force new habits that I will carry on for longer than the time limit that I have set. I am going to add a link to this list on the side of my blog and keep up with it to see how well I do! I love this idea! Can't wait to see the read the rest of yours. Hope you enjoy mine!

Health and Fitness:

1. Eat no fried food for 3 months straight (started on 6.17.09)
2. Use my heart rate monitor to complete all recommended cardio every week for 6 months.
3. Use all current beauty products before buying anymore of the same type (shampoos, body washes, makeup). Get rid of ones I will never use. I am still doing well with this and have been using up what I have and haven't bought any new stuff that I didn't need.
4. Do situps at least 5 times a week I did them today (started 6.17.09)
5. Complete a triathlon
6. Complete 2 half marathons
7. Complete 2 5ks a month for 6 months
8. Lift weights 2-3 times a week.
9. Develop a workout plan that I can use with my water weights on the road.
10. Have a physical where I am not told that my body fat percentage is too high.
11. Drink at least 48 ounces of water every day for 6 months straight.
12. Be able to do the plank pose for 1 min straight
13. Lose 15 lbs (goes with #10). Now is it up to 20lbs
14. Take my vitamin everyday for 6 months - Completed
15. Bring my lunch to work for every day I am in the office for 6 months straight.
16. Go to a personal trainer for at least 3 months. Completed
17. Be a vegetarian for two weeks straight.
18. Floss my teeth every night for at least 6 months.
19. Eat at least one piece of fruit every day for 6 months (started 6.16.09)
20. Buy only local food for one month.


21.Start an education fund for my niece and any other nieces and nephews that come along
22. Buy only the foods that are on sale or that I have a coupon for one month and donate the savings to charity.
23. Pay all my bills with my photography business profit for one month. ALL bills.
24. Establish an emergency fund equal to one month's gross income.
25. Learn how to invest in the stock market on a short term basis
26. Start an IRA
27. Buy a house
28. Pay every bill for my dad on time every month. Completed...transferred to my sister :-)
29. Make an extra payment to highest interest mortgage every month for a year, no matter how small.
30. Don't use my credit cards other than automatic payments for one month.
31. Buy myself something every month.
32. Start an investment club with friends that might be interested.
33. Have a blog that makes money (besides the $3 I made on this blog from people clicking on ads)


34. Make sure that I have one weekend day a month where I have no sessions and am not out of town for one year.
35. Enter at least 3 photography contests Completed 1 and am entering another one in August
36. List a photography tip on my business blog at least every other week for at least 6 months.
37. Sell a photograph that is not a portrait.
38. Have a hit on my blog from each of the 50 states (42/50 so far)
39. Enter all business sales/expenses into accounting software within a week of when they occur for one year.
40. Increase average sale per customer by 50% over 6 months
41. Learn to use a medium or large format camera Completed..I have two MF cameras now.
42. Have a picture I take put in a brochure or made into a postcard
43. Be financially able to quit my corporate job if I wanted to.
44. Have my studio somewhere other than my living room.
45. Learn to shoot in manual mode for all situations. Completed, I never use any other setting now.
46. Design a website for my non-portrait photography. Completed- Melissascamera.com Need to update it.
47. Get an average of 1000 hits a month on photography site (average around 500 now).
48. Sell something out of my etsy account
49. Have every client order pictures within a month of their session


50. Take one complete trip that I pay for all in cash
51. Drive across the country
52. Drive route 66
53. Go to the Tour de France
54. Go to 20 national parks 5/20 -Yosemite, Death Valley, Glacier, Banff, Jasper
55. Make a list of where I want to visit and start working through it.
56. Take Craig to 3 places that he has never been (he has been to all but 2 or 3 states, but not every single city I don't think).Completed - Vegas, Big Sur, Glacier National Park, Banff, and Jasper.
57. Make photo book for 2007
58. Make a book for every year of photos from all my trips.
59. Meet the children of all my friends who live out of state Completed until more come along!
60. Visit a foreign country every other year. Greece and Canada in 2009


61. Ask 10 friends to recommend a book that they think that I wouldn't ever pick on my own and read them all. Gotten 6/12 recommendations (Drena gave extras)
62. Finish my stack of books to read next to my bed. On book two
63. Learn to play a musical instrument that I haven't played before.
64. Clean out my closet and really get rid of everything that I haven't worn in the last year (or in that season the last time it occurred).
65. Send cards to 15 people for random reasons (no holidays or birthdays)
66. Organize all my photos
67. Get married.
68. Move to Ohio - Completed!!
69. See all Oscar best picture nominations for next three years.
70. Read and then recycle all the magazines that have accumulated from subscriptions.
71. Go skydiving.
72. Go repelling.
73. Never lose a day of vacation at work
75. Buy a car that won't be practical when I have a baby
75. Keep an honest journal (have done this on and off)
76. Finish my list of housing projects.
77. Look into getting a safe deposit box.
78. Get all oil changes for my car done on time for 2 years.
79. Make homemade bread
80. Own a pet. Completed- Got a kitty for Valentine's Day
81. Keep in touch better with my closest friends from high school.
82. Make a cookbook of all my mom's recipes, plus my own, that I could pass on to my kids.
83. Eat at a new restaurant once a month for 6 months. 3/6 (Bazzar,R. Thomas, OK Cafe)
84. Clean out all my stuff at my mom's place. Completed before I moved to OH.

Self Improvement:

84. Obtain zero bags from any stores for 3 months straight. 1/180
85. Ride marta at least 4 out of 5 days I am in town. Completed because I never have a car here now.
86. Eat dinner at a restaurant by myself one night a month for 3 months (for some reason I really hate this so it is a challenge for me).
87. Learn Spanish at least enough to communicate somewhat.
88. Read all the books on the banned books list for the last 5 years.
89. Every week for 6 months I will look for a new song from someone that I have never heard of to download.
90. Keep less than 50 emails in my inbox everyday when I leave work for 3 months
91. Clean off every area where I stack mail/papers/coupons and keep them clean for at least 6 months (hopefully this will force a new habit).
92. Clean off my bookshelf and get rid of books that are extremely outdated and/or time specific and no longer apply to my life.
93. Organize all my crafts and get rid of the ones I will never complete.


94. Get all our old VHS taped movies onto DVD.
95. Take a girls trip with my mom and sisters.
96. Take a weekend trip with my Dad and sisters.
97. Call my grandma once every other week
98. Call my dad once a week
99. If I move away, come back to Atlanta at least every 6 weeks. Completed!

and finally....

101. Complete at least 80 items on this list. 13/80


Drena said...

go to my blogroll and click and jessica and Michael. She posted something a day or two ago about local food that is delivered to midtown. Perfect for you.

Good Luck! We better get busy!

Mel said...

Cool! I will check that out!

Terri said...

Hey pretty lady!

So... for a book request, I think you should read The Kite Runner by K. Hosseini. I just finished it, and I couldn't put it down! Great book... sad, but good. Let me know if you've read it already!

Morgan said...

For your book suggested by me, I pick Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation" - I've had it on my shelf for awhile and want to read it this summer. You can borrow when you're ready for it!

Drena said...

For your book request, I recommend The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. I mostly read real estate or self improvement books and this is the best one I have read over the last several years. I loved it and recommend it to all that want to live the best life possible.