Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Isn't that the name of all my posts lately? I feel like it is and I guess when you only post once a month, that is all you are really able to do.

--Craig and I spent Thanksgiving in Ohio, as we always do, just the two of us. It was awesome. I did a turkey trot that morning (5 miles), got a nice warm starbucks latte while calling one of my favorite gals to wish her happy birthday and then went home to heat up the quiche I made the night before and get all the food ready. I got the bird in the oven right before the Packers' game and then about an hour after the game it was all ready :-) Perfect! Friday C had to work so I got up when he did and did a little holiday shopping, mostly at craft stores :-) I didn't stand in any lines and I found it really relaxing. I came home, watched the 3rd Twilight movie and then the LSU game...and crafted a bit. Saturday we didn't do much at all and Sunday we did even less because the weather was gross here!

--We have decided to renovate our kitchen. It is SO SMALL! The actual size of it isn't bad but there are only cabinets on one wall and no counter space. We are going to knock down the deck (the stairs are so steep) and then we are going to pop the kitchen out 8ft (which will include having a new room below the kitchen since it can't just be a second floor) and build a new deck around it! YIKES. It feels like a huge undertaking! We had been talking about it and decided to have the guys that did our bathroom come out to give us some ideas...well, they pretty much are going to give us an awesome deal because they don't get much work in the winter in OH. I was a little concerned about the house being open but they build the whole outside and then knock down the inside...how cool huh. Anyway, so, we might be crazy paying for a kitchen renovation of this size and a wedding in the same year, but it looks like that is what we are going to do. I am going to have to start saving the pennies :-) It will all be worth it though because we will have 2 to 3 times the cabinets and about 4 times the counter space! We will also get a breakfast nook (great for little ones to eat where there is not carpet)

--Wedding planning is pretty much at a stand still right now...we have done most of the big stuff and now it is down to the details. I am having a craft day in Jan with the OH girls to help me make all the flowers and other stuff for the wedding, I have ordered some paper products and we are doing save the date/xmas cards. My sister is going to throw me a shower so she is already starting with all those questions (though it is 4 months away). Craig decided that he has no interest in registering (he may regret this later) but that I can "show him stuff if I want". HA! I sort of feel like a loser going to a store to register by myself so I might take Ali or I might just do a lot of it online. We don't need stuff like china because we have his grandma's so it will probably be a lot of kitchen stuff that I want and C will benefit from when he gets good meals.

--I have injured my groin...what? Ugh. I don't even know when I did it. I just remember that when C and I were getting ready for vacation (Oct 7th) I said that a week of from running would help it feel better. I guess it probably did for a little while but then it started hurting again and when I ran on Thanksgiving it hurt pretty much the whole time. I have never been one of those "rest" people when it comes to injuries but this one was really hurting. Normally my injuries hurt when I am not running but warm up and don't bother me when I am running so I just keep on running. This time was different and after it hurt the entire race on Thanksgiving and was super sore for days after I decided to take a break. Yesterday I went to the Dr. and he said groin strain...no running for 3-4 weeks and then evaluate :-( No zumba (which I think aggrevated it) for 2 months...oh well. But, the good news (to someone who likes to work out and gets cranky when they can't) is that I can still do the elliptical and the bike...plus most of my p90x DVDs. Yay...doesn't my groin know I have a wedding to get in shape for? Less than 6 months!!

--On that subject...I still struggle to lose my stubborn weight that mostly came on in about 6 months a couple years ago...it is always lose a few lbs, gain a few lbs, over and over again. I was looking at pictures of Craig and I on vacations when we first met and it was pretty depressing...I was at least 15-20lbs lighter...yikes! So, I put a chart up on the fridge where C can see it and I have been trying really hard to stick to my proper eating. I didn't include my actual weight on there but I have boxes for lbs lost and then weeks across the top and my goal by the wedding in gray...I am down 4lbs in 4 weeks. Slow but like Drena said, slow and steady wins the race and I am not looking for a quick fix. I am looking for meals that I will like and continue to eat. I am not doing any diet per se, but I am logging my food at SparkPeople. I like that website because it doesn't tell me I need to eat 1000 calories a day to lose weight...it actually gives me a normal range and when I do it, I lose so it works. I just have to constantly do it and when I travel it gets hard.

--I got the go ahead yesterday to FINALLY rent out my condo in Atlanta. I am sure that none of you know anyone looking for a one bedroom in Midtown, just in case, if you do, let me or Drena know :-) I can't wait to get it rented out (hopefully by Feb) and have a little extra dough each month! I am going to sign the papers before they board can change their mind.

--In crafty news, my headbands have been doing pretty well on etsy. I find it really funny/weird that they sell almost exclusively to people in the Midwest...My mom took them to the craft show that she did in Gainesville in Oct and not a single one sold in 3 days but I have sold them online...so weird to me. I might do a craft show here in April. Ali said she would help me so I think that it might be fun. I also learned how to use my sewing machine to do embroidery. I have made several things and I am loving it. I made little shirts for my niece and nephew...I really need to post pictures of those...they have a GT (stupid tech fans) and then their names underneath. I love that I will be able to make handmade gifts for future babies of friends or kids or my own little one one day...love it!

--This Friday C and I are having a Christmas Vacation party...I am sort of excited because I like hosting get togethers. I was busy on pinterest looking for all kinds of yummy goodies to make. I usually make goodies and send them to work with C so I sort of have a reputation for making yummy treats for all his coworkers. That is mostly who will be at the party (they are mostly our age) so I feel like I have high expectations of what I am going to make!

I think that is about all that I have been up to lately...it doesn't really sound that exciting when I sit and type it all out.