Monday, September 20, 2010


I feel like I need to blog a little more. My facebook status updates seem to be all about running, biking or traveling. That is mostly what I do so I guess it makes sense but it seems sort of sad to me.

In other news, it is starting to get really cool at nights in Dayton. I love the weather right now and I look forward to the next month of the leaves changing and cool nights but a part of me really dreads the cold that I know is just around the corner. We have had a really dry really hasn't rained at all (it did back in the spring every time I was going to run a 5k) and it has been sort of nice (minus the whole drought side effects). I am really hoping that will carry over into winter and we will have less snow this year. I wouldn't mind a little but I don't want to set any records. UGH.

I think that I am finally settling in here in Dayton...I know that seems silly when I have lived here for almost a year and a half but I think that it takes a good two years to really feel like it isn't just a temporary thing. I at least have made a couple friends now that I can hang out with. That makes a huge difference. I think that the travel is starting to get old again. Actually, I like the travel but I miss being home. It is very hard to have both. I think that I will be at home for most of Oct and Nov so that should be nice but you never know. There are a ton of shake ups in my company right now...seems like I post this at least once a year. I don't think that my job is in any danger but they are changing a lot of things and that always makes me nervous. Time will tell!

Not much else going on...I am not THAT sore from the half marathon on Saturday which is good. I think that I will be almost normal tomorrow...just in time to start 30 day shred! I kept saying I was going to do it and tomorrow is the day...

Sort of random, I have discovered this new thing that Ali told me about. Did you know that a lot of races (or at least the ones here) have heavyweight divisions? If you are over 150lbs (160lbs for some) then you can compete in the heavyweight race. I don't know why I think that this is funny but it is. I mean 150 is not exactly heavyweight depending on your height and/or your muscle build. As a matter of a fact, I think that might be the top healthy weight for my height (depending on what chart you look at anyway). And, do you have to weigh in at the race or something to qualify? I am not sure but I think it is funny since you could still run a perfectly good race at those weights.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Half Marathon Recap

Leslie and I before the race. Leslie went to Ohio State and is a DG. I met her through the DG alum group here. I only found out she was running the race two weeks ago...too bad because we could have trained together since we have the same pace. We ran the whole race together :-).

Ali and I before the race, Ali is my normal partner in crime here in Dayton. She plays A LOT of soccer and plays in the same league as Craig on Thursdays. Leslie and I after the game (and after the 30 min search for the car...notice my shoes are already off and the flip flops are on!)
Ali and I after the race...she said we had to bite our medals because she "sees them do it all the time on the Olympics" HA!

I did it, I survived! I would lying if I said that I wasn't at least a little disappointed at my time. I really wanted to average out 11min miles and my max that I wanted to complete it in was 2:30. My time was 2:35 :-( There were 2247 women that finished and I was #1202, not too bad but I am definitely looking forward to improving my time. I think this will be a race that I do every year. It was so well organized and there were a lot of people there (there was also a 10k and a full marathon) that were doing the race. No real spectators though because we were on an army base...secret stuff.

I learned a few things and have a few funny stories. First I learned that I never should have bought the hype of how they "changed the course from the hilly version in the past and now it was fast and flat". I call total BS on that one. We had about 3-5 major hills! By major hills, I mean that one of them was a freeway off ramp that went up and over another road and lasted for .5miles (straight up). The rest of the course was gradual ups and downs...pretty much the opposite of fast and flat. Don't get me wrong, it was a great course and had I actually trained with hills it would have been awesome but when I read fast and flat that means I trained on our bike path (which is fast and flat). Hmmm. The hills got me. I will not let them win next year. I live in an extremely hilly neighborhood here, just didn't think I needed to run in it during training. Now I know better. Second, blisters SUCK!! I haven't really had them before during an actual race (had a couple during training but nothing that really hurt during the running). I think that the issue here is that you train on sidewalks or running paths but then when you run the race, you run on the road. Not sure how many of you have fun races, or even noticed the structure of roads, but they are like humps in the middle with slopes on the side (for rain and oil to drain off of them). It isn't something you really notice when you are driving but when you are pounding the pavement for 2.5hrs, you notice. I didn't have the hip problems that Leslie and Ali had but I think that having my foot be slightly slanted the whole time is the cause of the blister (I had them on both feet right where my big toe attaches to my foot, weird place so it wasn't my shoes rubbing). So, my advice if you are going to train for a big run is to find a road you can run on to practice that and the way it moves your foot differently than flat ground. I have strange muscles that are sore and I think it is the ones that have to stabilize your foot on uneven ground. Third, I learned not to lay in grass after the race. I had no idea this would ever be an issue. I have never had a problem with grass but the grass here is different and technically I am allergic. We stopped running and went to find Ali (she finished 15 mins ahead of us) and she was sitting in the grass. We got water and gatorade and joined her. About 5 mins later my legs started itching. I thought it was just my eczema because it gets irritated when I get hot so I scratched it. By the time we got up 10 mins later my entire legs itched and I had red bumps spreading everywhere. Then they were not just on my legs but they were on my arms and everywhere...gross. I didn't think much of it and we got our beer and then headed back to the car. By the time I got home, went to get food and then got home again, I couldn't stand the itch anymore. I took a shower and applied hydrocortozone but they were there all day! Today they are a little better, not as puffy and don't itch. How annoying though...who wants a rash after running 13 miles?? Not this gal.

So, funny stories. We luckily planned ahead and didn't pull our normal "let's just get there 10 mins before deal" and left early. It took us 30 mins to go 2 miles because so many people were trying to get into the base. When we parked it was all in this nice orderly fashion and on the grass (this is important later) and then we took our before pictures, got everything we needed and headed for a port a potty. We had to pee. We stood in line for the port a potty for about 30 mins...yuck, and we missed the start of the race. We didn't really care since they start the time when your chip crosses the start line but after we got out of the bathroom line and headed to the start it was a literally 10 min walk...oops. We didn't start until 8:42 HA! We thought it might be good because we wouldn't have to deal with the, not so much. We didn't have to deal with the jockeying at the beginning but we did have to pass almost all 1000 of those people that we finished before. Most of them walkers in groups that spread all the way across the road. UGH. So much wasted energy!! I guess that isn't that funny except that we missed the beginning of the race. The second funny story is that after everything we limp to the car and then we can't find it. Remember how I said we parked all orderly? Well, apparently 5 million cars showed up after us and we weren't parked where we thought. It was really sad but if you had ever been to this base you would understand. We were not the only people who couldn't find our car...there were a ton of people out there just turning in circles. We didn't remember how far we had walked and since everything is grass, it is hard to tell what area you were in. I remembered that we went over some gravel but there were like 4 different places where you could go over gravel. Then there were some cars parked orderly but they were too close for where we parked so we went somewhere else and the cars were all over the place..ugh. FINALLY Leslie screams that she found the car and we got in it to go home. This was after 30mins (literally) of us walking around the grass parking area. I think we probably ended up doing close to 17 miles yesterday with all the walking to the start line, from the start line and in the parking lot.

All in all, it was a really fun experience. Even though my time was not what I wanted it to be, I felt pretty good doing it and I think that I can improve upon my time. If anyone else wants to try a half, then come on up...we can make a weekend of it :-) Sept 17, 2011.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vegas BABY!

I am in Vegas...I am not sure I am a fan. I know that it is so not cool to say how you are not a fan of Vegas, but let me explain. I have been here 4 times.

1. Came with Leigh Anne and her family when I was 22...AWESOME time. Played craps for hours, drank and wow $900 on a slot machine.
2. Came for 3 weeks straight for work in January of 2006 and was flying back and forth and investigating a asked out every night by this sketchy guy (not sketchy looking but like too much all over me guy) about every night. Was working my butt off and was tired every night (and it is cold here in Jan).
3. Craig and I were here for a night on one of our long trips...we got in at noon, had a "disagreement", made up and then walked 5 miles on the strip which ended with me crying because I was so tired and my feet hurt and we tried to take a cut through to get to our hotel (we went on to have an awesome vacation but that day was rough, he is not a good flyer).

Now I am back. I came in on Monday (middle seat on a 4hr flight) and I am here with my whole group (they came in last night). Let's see how the events have gone so far. Monday night I went out with a bunch of Mercedes dealers and auction people...dinner was good, but it was 4 courses and took 4hrs. I checked into my hotel room at 1:30am EST after getting up at 5:30am. Last night my other people came in and I was going to pick them up at the airport. Go to dinner with the same hitting on me big time...wants to leave with me to get my girls so he can "make sure I will come to the after party". I tell another girl I work with and we leave to go to the bathroom and she walks me out. I pick up my is drunk (she is obnoxious when not drunk, good worker but our personalities are night and day) and they want to go out. I have no desire. I am trying to make sure I get enough sleep and water for my half marathon on Saturday...the 4hr dehydrating plane ride home will be bad enough in my middle seat again. We got on the list for Ghost Bar (if you watched Real World Las Vegas, is it the bar with the open deck) and we go...we order one round of drinks and it was $50 for 5 drinks...$9 for a Corona. UGH. We are not supposed to just have alcohol on our receipts we turn in and my T&E goes straight to the top...not good. I realized that it is no fun when you are the boss and have to follow the rules. They are all used to throwing down because the last time they went on these types of trips was when the money was flowing like more. I just hate it. I hate feeling like the uptight person. Plus, all the girls at that club were half naked and had 6 inch heels...ugh. So, we will see what tonight brings. The one girl wants to walk the strip and just drink as we walk, the other girl wants to go clubbing (she is the only single one) and I think that the walking sounds good to me. I think that I just don't enjoy the club scene that much anymore anyway and certainly not with work people. We will see.

In other news, wish me luck on Saturday! I ran 10 miles last Friday and felt good that I am actually looking forward to the half on Saturday...I think that I am going to sign up for another one in October. I might be insane but I feel like it keeps me exercising...

Friday, September 3, 2010

9 Miles

I ran 9 miles today. well, I ran all but about 5 mins of 9 miles. Those minutes were spent walking up a hill. I don't really see the point in killing myself to run up a hill at a pace that turns out to be slower than if I just walk and plus, it gives me a nice break. I heard on Q100 in Atlanta the other day a list of the things you shouldn't post about on FB. Exercising was one of them, now I have this suspicion that I am one of those annoying posters (since I do post about running and biking). Then again, also on the list were any posts about potty training your kids, anyone who ONLY posts about their kids, and a whole slew of other things that my "friends" on FB do. Thing is, I don't really mind most of it...I mean, that IS what they are doing and isn't that the point. Take exercise and traveling out of my posts and you will not hear much from me.

Anyway, the run felt good. I was really dreading it but I have skipped my long runs the last two weekends. Once because I had flown 4 times in 5 days (separate flights, not connections) and my body was just tired, the other because I didn't think it was a good idea to run 9 miles before biking 50. I hope that I feel as good at the actual race as I did today. Ali will still leave me in the dust but at least I will finish and feel good doing it :)

I am so ready for college football and so sad that I have to wait until Monday to see our game. We have the college gameplan thingy but since we are going to WI this weekend, I will have to wait until we get back. I am pretty sure they will not have it on there :=) Next weekend I plan to spend the whole weekend just crafting and watching football. If anyone is looking for a craft retreat and wants to head up 75 about 500 miles, come join me :-)