Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Thoughts

Once a quarter isn't bad, right??

-I curse the day I agreed to a 3 month kitchen renovation 5 months before my wedding! I can't wait to have it back to normal!! It makes eating healthy a bit hard!! I also seem to find out the dy before they are taking out appliances so I thought I would have my stove longer.
- I have to travel way too much considering the first bullet point, trying to say healthy and trying to finish planning a wedding!
-SO EXCITED for my shower and bachelorette in ATL!!! Also exited to have Ali come and mix my old and new friends!! I know everyone will love each other!
- first dress fitting in two weeks. Down 7lbs from my heaviest! ( even without a kitchen!!)
- I am hiring again and might get 1-3 people...that would have me managing 8 people!! Hopefully that will mean less travl for when Baby Rucks makes an appearance at some point in the future :-)
-yeah, so Rucks will be my new last name. Kind of funny that a lot of my friends don't know that.
-after 4 months of not running due to a groin injury, I am now inexplicably able to run faster and longer...what? Groin still hurts when I run hills :-)
- C's parents at moving to Pittsburgh. His dad was laid off around Xmas and has been looking for a job. This one is actually better and pays more so I guess it all works out. They will only be 4 hrs from us. It will be nice to have one set of parents close (again one day for baby rucks). I still wish it was my mom but I am sure that is natural. His mom is great (and she doesn't work so if I did have to travel and he couldn't do it on his own she could use the guest room).
-no, I am not pregnant but I am ready...hopefully it will not be long after we at married before we start down that road. We are older and have been together 6 years and only want one so I am ready to get this show on the road!!