Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Thoughts....

Have you ever thought about how busy is a relative term? I have heard myself tell a lot of people lately that I have been crazy busy, but what does that really mean? You hear everyone say it. SAHM say they are really busy with kids, working people are busy with work, working moms are busy with work and kids, students are busy with school, and it goes on and on....are we all just over stressed, overworked (at a paying job or at home) or do we just all think we are? I know I feel like I am sometimes...or do I just get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I neglect things that I don't really want to do but do when I have free time for lack of something else to do. I think I am one of those people who has a hard time just "being", I always feel like I need to do something. Just curious what you guys thought.

Why in the world do I periodically crave Taco Bell (or Wafflehouse)? I usually feel like shit afterwards but it will not stop me from getting it. I read in a book once that when we were more like cavemen that people would get sick if they ate something they were not supposed to because it was supposed to remind them the next time they saw it that they shouldn't eat it. Over time our minds would rationalize (maybe that was just a bad whatever or maybe I didn't cook it right or etc, etc) and we lost it. It sort of reminds me of my Taco Bell cravings (or sugar for that matter).

Does anyone know what it means when you have high levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone? I have had this on my last two physicals (two years apart) and have no idea what it even means. I am assuming it is not a big deal or they would say something like "you need to seek medical attention immediately" but I definitely need to do some research to see if this is a big deal or not. Good news on the physical is that I don't have diabetes or pre-diabetes (not that I was really worried about it but both my parents have it so I just like to hear it).

Finally, posts like this are what happens when it is 4 days from March and they are predicting 3 inches of snow tonight.....PLEASE GO AWAY snow!! It is so freakin cold outside and I am getting stir crazy. The average highs this time of year here are in the 50s....even Craig is sick of it....

Guess I will settle in with some yarn and crochet this weekend....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Woking Hard for Her Money....

That is what I feel like lately! I have been working my arse off for a good month solid. It is so fun! In all reality, I like what I do but I have built a department where the higher up people are starting to really trust us which means that my name (which is what is associated with my department) comes up a lot! That is great except that we have a lot to going on and I never feel like I have enough time to get it all done. I have started to associate Atlanta with stress. Every time I go there I have a million meetings and it seems like I don't get to sit still at all.

I did have a lot of fun with all my Atlanta friends while I was there though. It was good to see everyone and spend time with everyone. Morgan came back with me and we got to hang out all weekend....I don't get to hang with her as much so that was fun. Her sister is touring in Wicked and they are here for the next 2.5 weeks. We had tickets for Saturday and she got to go on so we had so much fun watching her....we picked her out in every scene and I got distracted from the story sometimes watching her. I am so proud of her. I tried to show them some non sucky things about is a hard sell with the crappy weather.

So, what is going on now? Um, this freaking cold weather is for the birds. I could take it for all of Jan and Feb and even Dec but now that it is almost March, I am done. I moved here about a year ago and there was no snow on the ground when I did so. Craig read some article that says that winters are going to be worse than normal for the next decade because of El Nino and something else....swell, can't wait. At first I didn't mind the snow and it was all pretty when we kept getting new snow but now it is a week old and dirty. It covers everything and it is wet, but the worst part...the very worst part is that we have not seen sun here in a month...other than an hour here or an hour there or the one Sunday I remember...the skies are gray and gloomy and just yucky. I am ready for some some. Luckily this is the only time of the year that it is like this and everyone here is just as sick of it as I am so at least I am not alone.

Other than that I got my cow two weeks ago and we are enjoying our grassfed beef. I noticed a lot of difference in the taste when we made plain burgers and REALLY noticed it when I made roast beef (especially the next day with leftovers) but tonight I made meatloaf and I couldn't tell at all. Craig like the burgers and stuff but I think that I prefer a little more flavoring with this meat. Since we got a grill from my mom this xmas I think we will be grilling a lot this summer. Our CSA starts next week (unfortunately I will not be in town so I have to wait two weeks to get and I started our egg share too but we haven't tried those yet. I know you all think I am nuts but we are enjoying our new eating habits. I have lost 6lbs since the beginning of the year...10 more before May!

Next weekend I am going to Nashville with my mom and sisters. For their birthdays this past year (2009) I got them the trip...I am going to cover the hotel and a nice dinner on Saturday night for us. I thought it would be fun for us to all get away since we never get to hang out just the girls. I am going to be gone both the week before and the week after for work....sort of sucks. Now that I live with Craig I hate being out of town for that long and I especially hate it on the weekends. I know I am being a baby and I know that when we lived apart I would have loved to only be away for 12 is all just what you get used to I guess.

Oh, and I couldn't post this on FB because the gals here are on there but I could never replace my Atlanta girls :-) It is fun to finally have people here that I can do stuff with that is just girly stuff. They are too is a Wednesday night and they brought those little plastic wine bottles (the ones that come like 4 to a pack at the grocery) into the theatre to drink during the movie......crazy gals...not sure I would ever be able to keep up but they don't seem to mind.

So, random thought and then I will be done since I know some people lose interest by the bottom. There is a half marathon here in Sept around the Air Force base. I am thinking about doing it but sort of was thinking about walking it....much easier to train for and much easier on your body...would anyone else be up for the challenge and a little visit to Ohio? It is gorgeous here in the fall because they have far less evergreens than we do in Atlanta. You do have to put up with Ohio State fans though. Thought it might be fun if I had someone to do it with because it wouldn't seem as much like work :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Aniversaries and More Snow

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of me getting my kitty Chloe :-) Also, 5 weeks from last Saturday and I will have lived here for a year. I can't believe it!!

So, on to the snow....I am tired of snow! We got another 7 inches today and I had to drive in it. About a month ago I ordered 1/4 of a cow from a farm that raises grassfed beef and today was the day I had to drive an hour and 15 mins to get it. The snow started this morning and the roads were clear the whole way there...unfortunately, not true of the trip home. It was all highway and there were times where I didn't go above 20...20 on the highway!!! YUCK. Then later when I went to get Craig my car was sliding all over the road...again, yuck!! I saw several cars that had slid off the road. All this and we are supposed to get more AND flights are still going out of the airport (I checked since I fly out tomorrow).

I have a fun week planned! Tomorrow is dinner with Erin and Carrie and the girls, Wed is a work dinner and then a drink with Drena, Thursday is Chow Baby (YUM) with Jody, Jenn, and Morgan and then Friday Morgan and I fly back to Ohio. Her sister is in the touring group with Wicked and will be in Dayton for the next few weeks so we are going to the Saturday matinee and will enjoy other fun Dayton activities this weekend. At least I have a friend we can go out with now! Oh yeah, and I have work and meetings in between all that!

Now, off to try hamburgers from our grassfed beef...I am a little nervous since people say it tastes different...we will see :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

I made it....

I made it home!! YAY! I actually ended up being on the last flight out of Atlanta to Dayton. They canceled the rest for the evening and it isn't looking so good for tomorrow either. When I drug my suitcase through the snow to my car in the sideways snow there was about 6-7 inches on my car. That seemed impossible since Craig said it started snowing at noon and it was only 5 but it was true. I SLOWLY drove to get him at work and then we stopped for milk for my latte tomorrow and headed home. It is a bit nuts out there right now so I am glad to be in one place....

I feel like a bit of a wimp but I was supposed to go and see a movie tomorrow with a friend and I am just not sure I am going to be able to make it. It is sort of slushy out now which might freeze overnight and our road is just not that good so we will see. Hopefully it will not be that bad but if it is, I will just hang tight here. She is from wisconsin and has much more experience in the snow so maybe she will want to come here :-)

For tonight I am going to snuggle with my kitties and my sweetie and just stay warm. It was one hell of a long week at work and I am exhausted....don't think I am going to make my 8am spin class tomorrow either....