Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Lots happened in the wedding planning this week :-)

Dresses: I went to David's Bridal on Saturday with my sisters and my mom and I definitely learned what I liked as far as silhouette goes. I didn't really love the consultant that I had...she wasn't very good and didn't really listen and didn't bring me half the dresses I wanted to see. Oh well. I have decided that I probably want a fit and flare dress with a sweetheart neckline...the more rounded the better. There was one dress that I really liked but I am not sure about it completely. Next weekend my mom and Alyson will be up here and I have 3 bridal places to go to in the bridal district in Reading...including the largest shop in the country...yikes. I looked up designers the other day to find ones that had what I liked and in my price range...am I crazy to not want to spend a ton of money on a dress I will wear once? I mean, I want to look good but I don't want it to be a huge chunk of my budget. We picked out the bridesmaid dresses...so cute!!

DJ: We met with another DJ and then decided to book one we met with a couple weeks back. I think he was my favorite but I went through the process and let Craig decide :-) Luckily he picked the same one I liked (isn't it fun when you are on the same page...it is the little things).

Food: We had another tasting tonight and I must say that I wasn't the hugest fan of the food. It was ok but this is the place that everyone talks about and I think that the hype is more than the food. It is supposed to be fancy (and people need to stop telling me that because it makes my expectations too high) but I thought it was bland...the things that we would get for our wedding were good but I didn't like the other stuff. We also went to a wedding (Craig's ex) in March that used them and the food was just ok. She said they didn't get what they were supposed to have and the lady that they had worked with wasn't even there but then she told me to use them...weird. They are known for their displays and how pretty everything is so that is something to consider. I think that we are going to see what the quote comes in at. If it is close to the other place then we might pick them but if not we will go with the other place. I liked the other place better anyway.

Ceremony: I researched and sent Craig's sister all the information to get ordained to marry us :-) She was very touched that we asked and I like that she will be included. Also, Craig has decided to have people now (not sure if I wrote on here about how he didn't want any groomsmen). He decided to have his (our) friend Adrienne in the wedding on his side and then one of his guy friends. It is a little non traditional to have a girl on the guy side but she really is his best friend in Dayton so it makes sense. She is going to wear the same dress as my sisters but in black and will be on his side.

Decor: So, I think that this whole time I have been struggling with what exactly Craig envisioned...he kept saying he didn't want "formal" but then when we talked to DJs or caterers he was saying things that would make me think formal. So, I finally had to get a definition...he doesn't want the ceremony, invitations or reception to be real formal and "stuffy" as he put it but he does want us to have an elegant wedding in the decor and all that...sort of hard to explain but is it sad that I get what he means? It helps me tremendously with all the decorating and my dress and all that so I am glad I got that figured out.

Next up we have to figure out times and whether we will do a cocktail hour and stuff. Then we have to figure out the whole engagement photo deal. We are going to do them in Oct because the leaves are gorgeous up here so I still have some time. Everyone we have told about our photographer that is a wedding vendor LOVES him and raves about how good he is...I am glad that we (I) decided to splurge on him :-)

I have been busy and am SO CLOSE to having all the major stuff done! YAY!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dress Shopping

Obviously I have not kept up with the Wedding Wednesday but since I don't think people read that much anyway, it is ok if break my rules :-) I have been beyond busy at work...the kind of busy where you are working and starving and you look up and realize it is 2:30 and you haven't eaten and the cafe is closed or when I think that I will run downstairs for a mid afternoon latte to wake me up and the store is closed because it is 6...good times. I think that I added some stress to my days by trying to meet up with friends here in Atlanta...I probably would have been a little less stressed if it weren't for that but then again, I like to see my friends :-)

With all of that going on, I have not had a ton of time for wedding planning lately but I have somehow made progress. Craig and I have talked to two DJs (one of which emailed us later and said they had another client they had already met with that was interested in our day and I talked to her yesterday and the other client booked). For some reason I don't really believe her...I think they didn't like us for some reason (though we only met with them for 15mins) but maybe not. We have done two tastings. The first one was this place where I went and picked up a pan of food that we were supposed to put in our oven to heat back up and try. It was everything all in one pan...I am not a fan of my food touching and usually eat one food at a time :-) Oh well, the food was ok...the potatoes tasted like a mix and so did the mac and cheese. C loved the mac and cheese. All the chicken was sort of rubbery tasting and a lot of it tasted salty. There were a few really good things in there though so all was not lost. The second place is an actual local restaurant in town and we really liked that food a lot and the lady was super nice. The first guy reminded me of the soup nazi but for catering. We have one more caterer and one more DJ this Monday and Tuesday and then I think we will have those two things set.

On Saturday I am going to David's Bridal with my mom and my sisters. I am excited but part of me is a little nervous. I have never seen myself in a wedding dress and something about it makes me nervous (not in a scared way, more in an excited sort of way). I picked out a few dresses online and I have sent them to a couple people...it is so funny to see the responses cause everyone tells me their fav (which I love) but I think between everyone at least every dress has been picked once :-)

I also have gotten a mock up on the centerpieces...most people like them but my mom and sister didn't like the gray colored ball and my other sister didn't love the yellowish one. I honestly think that it is because the picture is one I was trying to take really quick...the gray one looks dull and the yellow one is reflecting the flash. The good news is that I will not have to make as many flowers as I thought I would...good news because we really didn't make any at the beach and I am not so sure I am actually going to have any help with this little project like I thought I was. I still have the visit in two weeks from my mom and sister so maybe we can do it then. Other than that I am going to try to have a party with some of my OH girls where we have wine and make them...they said they would help. I just feel awkward because a lot of people say they will help but then how do you bring it back up again without being rude? When they come over how do you just start the craft portion of the evening. Hmmm, I guess I will have to figure that one out. At least they are not quite as time consuming as I thought.

We also think that we have the favors picked out. We are making them and did a trial run at the beach...now we learned a couple things and are going to do another trial run when my mom and sister come to OH.

So, everything seems to be moving right along :-)