Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tomorrow I pick up my wedding dress!!! For some reason I am a little nervous..probably all those stupid Say Yes to the Dress episodes I have watched where the people hate their dress after they buy it...I know I won't so I don't know why I am nervous. Now to find a place to store it for the next 10 weeks until it goes to the alterations place :-)

The wedding ring we are ordered off of Etsy for Craig is going to have my fingerprint on the the inside around it. I got the kit in the mail last week and spent an hour and a half tonight making the fingerprints for it...very specific instructions!! I hope it turns out really cool.

We also designed by wedding ring on Saturday. We went last week but since we are using some family stones of Craig's, the design we picked out didn't work because the stones are all a slightly different size. The fun part is that I will now get what I wanted all along :-) Funny how things work out.

Started my third week of p90x this week. I am proud of myself because I did it every night last week...including before going to Morgan's on Monday, after going to Erin's on Tuesday and after going to Drena's on Wednesday. Before I started this time I knew I was going to be out of town for 3 weeks in a row so I came up with a plan for how to do it on the road. Luckily Morgan and Jennifer gave me water weights a few years ago for xmas. You fill them with water and then empty them to pack them up! Love them and brought them this past time. I am still ready to run again but my groin just now started feeling better so I am going to give it a couple more weeks and then start training for the half I am doing in March. I have been logging my food on myfitnesspal and since Craig's sister is doing it too it is cool because we can encourage people...I have managed to stay in my allotted calories this whole year (other than 2 days), including traveling!

I am struggling with recipes again lately. I really want to make good dinners but I have tried not to eat much red meat lately so that mainly leaves chicken and I am running out of creative ways to cook it :-(

Last weekend I had 3 of my OH friends over and we crafted for the wedding. We embossed the tags for the favors, folded tissue flowers (lots of them), made my hairpiece and my shoe clips. It was nice to get some of the creative things out of the way.

This week I am headed to Phoenix...after snow on Friday I am looking forward to warmer temps. I have to admit, we haven't had a horrible winter this year. December was unseasonably warm and we even had some days in January that were decent...a few more weeks and we might be out in the clear and not have to worry about a huge snowstorm :-) I know I have adjusted to the weather somewhat because 50 is no longer cold to me and there have been at least half a dozen times where I have run errands in just a t-shirt and fleece when it was 30, never would have done that 3 years ago!!

I have been keeping up with my picture a day...I forgot one day and it made me sad...but I have one for the rest of the days. I haven't ordered pictures in so long that I think that I am going to compile them all for the month and then order them at once so I only have to pay shipping once. It has been fun though so hopefully I can keep it up.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to wokr

boo! I guess it has been almost two weeks (Dec 21st) since I have worked so I shouldn't complain. Quite honestly, I am a little ready to go back. I feel like I have gotten lazy laying around watching football what seems like every day (not really but it seems like it).

We went down to Atlanta on the 21st, spent the night around the KY/TN border that night and then finished up on the 22nd. The rest of the 22nd was spent cleaning out the condo there...ugh, that was a lot of stuff to do!! I knew I would have more there than I remembered and I was random stuff like dishes and pots and pans of my moms and stuff like that. We worked for 4hrs on the 22nd and got a lot done. That night we went to Morgan and William's and hung out a bit. On the 23rd we cleaned up the condo some more and waited for my mom and sister to come to claim the goodies they were going to take home (bookshelves and TVs and stands and such). After we finished that up we took Ariyana and Maddox to Chuck E. Cheese and took a quick trip to my dad's. The 24th was spent being LAZY!! We were at my sister's and I picked up Mexican for lunch and a frozen pizza for dinner. I worked on my wedding registry, baked some cookies, and did the grocery shopping for xmas day while my sister went hopping around to her in-law's houses.

We spent Xmas at my sister's and everyone came was really nice to be in one place instead of the 3 places we went last year!! The only thing that sucked was that my sister had to leave after dinner because Maddox has a hernia and it "popped out". They took him to CHOA (from Braselton) and were back with a happy baby all in two hours...I was impressed since that is at least 1:15 driving!

We drove back to Dayton on the 26th so C could have a day to relax before he had to go back to work on the 28th. We spent the 27th picking out cabinets and countertops...don't be jealous!

Since then we haven't done much at all...NYE we went to Ali's for dinner and were home by 10pm and I am not sure I can name much else that was done during those other days...lots of craft projects.

So, every year I feel like I do the same resolutions...I don't even need to look, I am sure I am right. This year I decided to focus on something different. I am still working on getting healthier, eating healthier and working out (started p90x again yesterday) but I wanted to do something fun as my resolution this year. So, my resolution is to take more pictures...not necessarily the posed kind, but just pictures in general. Some of the best pictues that people have are the everyday ones so I want more of those. I am toying with trying to take a picture of myself every day. Nothing fancy...I have asked Craig to take one the last two days so at least I have those two days down. He takes forever to take a picture, by the way. Geez, I asked him to do it yesterday and I am not joking when I say he took 5 and it took him 5 mins...I just wanted a quick snap shot of me crocheting (just cause it is what I did yesterday) and he took so long that it wasn't realy spontaneous anymore. I told him that I would be in charge of pictures of our kid one day because he will miss everything :-) Anyway, not sure I will do a photo a day of myself or not. I know it might seem silly or selfish but I think that it would be fun to see a whole year of pictures of me...especialy when I am bad about showering every day if I am just at home...maybe this will make me fix myself up a little :-)

Next weekend I am having a few of the girls here in OH over to help me with some wedding crafting. It is starting to sneak up on me...when I look at my calendar there are really not many completely free weekends after Feb...yikes! I am going to try to get as much done as we can on Sunday so hopefully it will help a lot. They said if I provided wine they would provide help :-) Easy enough!

Like I said, I started p90x again yesterday (been doing some of the workouts for weeks but mainly the ones I liked). I figured that 1/1/12 was a good time to start getting in shape for the wedding. I am sure that the 3 weeks I am traveling during January are not going to help but hopefully I can keep up with p90x. Ali and I have been doing Pilates ever since we got a living social deal to try a studio. I love it! I feel like the instructor is so good and gives such personal attention. There have never been more than 6 people in the class at a time so she really concentrates on everyone's body. I feel like I am more aware of how I should do exercie in p90x. I have muscles sore this time that were not sore the last time I did it...but they are the ones that should be sore...makes me think I was doing it wrong the last time. I had a private lesson last week and she wrote up two pages of moves/exercises that I can do in my hotel room. I like it because I could do it while waiting to go to dinner or somethign cause you can do just a few moves at a time and you don't get all sweaty (I do in the 45 min class but not for just a couple moves). We focused on the areas that I needed to look good in my dress :-)

This has been a bit of a rambling...but you guys should be used to that by now. I will try to update more often so it isn't so random each time.

Hope you all had a great holiday!