Friday, April 25, 2014


I have been thinking about this a lot lately...maybe because I feel judged that we don't have a baby yet or that I should have gotten married sooner or tried sooner or whatever.  I am more sensitive to what is said to me now.

Why do we, as humans, and especially as women, feel such a need to judge others?

I know that part of it is just natural, but I wonder why.  Is it because we question our own choices?  Is it because we are jealous that we didn't make the same choices that others made?

I picked all of my friends because I liked something about them.  They are unique people and that is what attracts me to them.  I don't want them to be just like me.  I can hang out with me anytime I want.  I want people who choose different paths than I do, who have a different style than I do, and who think of things or know about things that never think or know about.  To me, that is what makes life so interesting.

I am not saying you have to agree with every choice that your friends make but why talk about them behind their back or feel sorry for them?  Why not just appreciate the fact that they are different?  It is probably why you became friends with them in the first place.

I am not innocent of this judgment either but lately I am trying to be more aware of why the thoughts enter my head.  Why do I have that reaction and what can I do to try not to have it?  I don't aim to be perfect but I feel like people try hard enough in this world at whatever they are doing.  We should all be more supportive and nice to each other.

Unless it is someone who is mean to you, then you can talk bad about them.
I kid, (sorta).

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