Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Decided to do a little blog following of our trip so i can have a record of our trip one day. We have had wireless everywhere and have downtime every night in these small towns. Today we met up with the people we spend the next week biking with. It is a group of 14 and I would say we are some of the younger ones but it is sort of hard to judge age. I am sure I will find out more as we go on. Here are the groups so far:

-4 people who are from St. Louis and who have been on 4 vbt trips together. It is two married couples. They seem nice and open to talk to anyone. Not their first rodeo. Hope we find a couple one day who would like to do tours with us. Would say they are late 30s to 40s
-one older couple with a husband who appears to be really in shape and with a wife who isn't so much. This is their 2 vbt tour together but he has done a lot more without her.
-two ladies from NY upstate. The one lady seems like a total bitch and pretty
much snapped at the guide when he tried to explain something to her. Not sure I will like her. They are maybe in their 50s-60s
- son and father team. From CT and the boy just graduated from a boarding school (high school). This was his graduation present. They are your virgins like us. They seem nice enough.
- another couple that is not married I don't believe. The lady works for Deloitte so we chatted about that and they seem really nice! He has done several tours before her and now this is their second together. He seems like a really cool guy who will try anything once and she is very sweet. I think I will like them.
- us. You know us :)
Our tour guides are probably in their 30s and seem great. The girl can talk a lot but she has a lot to talk about so it is all good. She gets excited easily :-$

We have been told that we have to get honey mead as it has something to do with a honeymoon or wedding tradition here (still fuzzy on the details).

Today was the meeting at the hotel in Ennis and then a bus ride to the cliffs of moher and then on to lisdoonvarna where we had a warm up ride of 5.2 miles. It was a loop and most of us (including my crazy husband) decided to do it twice. Good thing because there was a drink reception followed by a 3 course dinner. YUM!!!

Looking forward to the real adventure starting tomorrow. We head out to black head and the to Ballyvaughn. 33 miles tomorrow but so far I am loving it. Will try to get pics soon!

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